Back to School Resources

This past school year was unusual. But with students heading back to school on August 5th, there's a lot we can do to bolster our children’s feelings of confidence and security as they head into a new year. Get the 2021-22 school year off to a great start with these resources for educators, school nurses, parents and more.

Educator and Staff Resources

  • 10 Tips for Encouraging Positive Student Behavior
    Pandemic or not, we recognize that teaching can be a really challenging job. With kids coming back to school after more than a year of uncertainty and atypical school environments, your students may require more patience and compassion from you than ever before. There is no textbook to follow or one right way to respond; however, there are things you can do to encourage positive behavior in the youth you are working with. Above all else, be patient and kind to your students and yourself. You are all trying your best.
  • Responding to Challenging Student Behavior
    As a result of the pandemic, students have experienced loss of normalcy, loss of plans and experiences, less structure and routine, and less social interaction. Some students may have even faced challenges as significant as housing or food insecurity, trauma, illness or the loss of a loved one. When kids are struggling, they often show us with their behavior. While challenging behavior may be making the day-to-day more difficult, it’s important not to punish your students for natural reactions to stress. Even if it seems like they’re trying to frustrate you, they’re really just showing you that they’re having a hard time. You can help your students by responding in positive ways.

Parent Resources

Returning to school is a big transition, and every child responds differently. Here are some ways to help support your child.

Whether your teen is just starting as a freshman, entering their final year or somewhere in between, high school can be stressful. Here are some tips for staying connected and communicating with your teen.


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Source: Children's Healthcare of Atlanta - Stong4Life