Trauma-Informed Transport Training

Heather Hayes is excited to announce her upcoming workshop, the Therapeutic Transport Training, which will be held in Atlanta, GA on April 29th and 30th.


Transporting individuals to treatment can be a challenging process, even if they are willing to attend and want to get better. However, knowing how to transport them safely, with respect and dignity and in a trauma-informed manner, can make the entire experience go more smoothly for the individual, their family, and the transporter themselves.


Individuals under 18 may be checked into treatment by their parents, which allows their brains to heal while developing healthy coping skills. However, some people do not realize that many teens with behavioral issues, eating disorders, substance abuse or use, anxiety or depression have experienced significant childhood trauma, which is affecting their behaviors and mannerisms.


The Respectful Adolescent Transport Process® and the Respectful Adolescent Transport Protocol® are based on trauma-responsive clinical principles that are designed to avoid retraumatizing patients in crisis. Although it may be necessary to disrupt the destructive trajectory these teens are on, transitioning from home to a residential facility or wilderness treatment program can still be traumatic.


This workshop provides an invaluable opportunity to learn essential skills and provide trauma-informed care effectively. During the 16-hour workshop, participants will learn about the safety, collaborative, and relational aspects of Trauma-Informed Therapeutic Transports. They will also be trained on how to perform Trauma-Informed Therapeutic Transport and on the HRH&A Respectful Adolescent Transport Process.


Spaces are limited, so book your spot as soon as possible to avoid missing out.

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